Currently Seeking Fall 2022 Internships/Co-ops

Dhruv Thakor

Computer Science Co-op Student ( McMaster University )

About Me:

I am a Year 2 Computer Science Co-op Student at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I am currently on a Co-op term at Communications and Power Industries(CPII), as a Software Developer Co-op Student within the Research/Development team for SatCom Microwave Technologies Products.

While I’m not in school, you can most likely find me zoned in on another coding project that will likely be just as unpredictable as the last. Most recently I've been working on developing an autonomously flying RC Airplane, that can self-balance and follow a preset flight path(Python, C).

I am an energetic, driven, and intellectually-curious student/programmer, and look forward to creating new technologies and boradening my skills.

My Projects:

Daily Covid-19 Case Tracking/Trend Analysis/Vaccination Availability Website (for Ontario/Canada) [Python, ReactJS]

- Developed and implemented Covid-19 Data REST API
- Used Web Scraping Programs to update vaccine availability data
- Implemented Visual Graphing and Trends Analysis using Data Analytics
- ( API Closed September 2021) Link to Project: Here

Electric RC Plane - Machine Learning Automated Stabilitzation/Waypoint Finder [Python] (ongoing)

- Built and tested numerous planes for optimal effeciency, stabilization, control authority, and lift. Used AutoDesk CAD software to design mockups of potential designs to build.
- Tested planes for control and trim, and altered aerodynamic attributes to perfect the design
- Currently building Machine Learning Based auto-stabilization and control feature (auto-pilot for RC planes)
- Currently implementing Dijkstras Algorithm to input waypoint cooridnates, and determining the most effecient automated routes
- View RC Plane Testing Video Here

Casco Di Securezza – Ice Hockey health tracking safety helmet [Python, C, JS, Java]

- Integrated Heart Rate, Body Temp., Motion Sensors to detect concussion, heart attack, or over exhaustion
- Developed Android App to receive live statistics and warnings using bluetooth transmitters within the Helmet
- Built Real-Time Heart Rate/Body Temperature/Motion Sensing algorthms to interpret health data and head movement with live-feed transmission to connected app
- Used Arduinos, Temperature/Heart Rate/Motion Sensors, and Bluetooth Transmitters. Developed using C for Arduino control, JS/Java for Android development, Python for data analysis

Maze Pathfinding/Array Bar Chart Search Visualizer [Python, Graphics Modules]

- A*(Dijkstra’s Algorithm) to graphically visualize the algorithmic process of finding the shortest route
- Used search algorithms (Binary, Linear, Jump, and Fibonacci Search) to visualize array sorting within a bar chart


2015Began fiddling around with basic HTML/CSS by taking courses through Coursera

2017Started learning Python and creating various web-scraping/bot projects. Created search algorithm visualizers, coupon bots, smart ice-hockey helmet, grammar automator, probabliity card game, and more.

2021Began studying at McMaster University as a First-year Computer Science Student, with the intention of Minoring in Innovation, with a focus on Machine Learning and Data Analysis.

2021Seeking Fall 2022 Employment for Computer Science/Software Engineering Internships or Co-ops.
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